Friday, February 15, 2013

DBGT063 - Universal Allies

DBGT063 - Universal Allies

Vegeta loses power as well, and reverts back to his base state. This time, Omega Shenron is through playing games. He creates a giant energy ball and hurls it at the earth. Vegeta prepares to attack it, but Goku knocks him aside and tries to push it back. After a long struggle, Omega's power is too much, and the ball explodes. Goku prevented the earth from blowing up, but seemingly died in the blast. Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten all attack Omega Shenron, but are quickly beaten. Omega then once again floods the Earth with negative energy, and Vegeta, seeking to avenge Goku's apparent death, charges only to be defeated quickly. Before losing consciousness, Vegeta assures him that he hasn't won yet, which proves true as a still-living Goku rises from the crater holding a Spirit Bomb. He has gathered all the energy from the earth, but it's not enough. He tells King Kai to ask the entire universe for power. During this time, Omega repeatedly blasts Goku, but does no harm. Energy from all over the universe gathers on earth, and the Spirit Bomb completes itself. Omega, now fearing for his life, swallows his pride and pleads for mercy, but Goku refuses to listen and hits him with the Spirit Bomb, destroying him. After the explosion, the others find Goku lying unconscious with the Dragon Balls scattered around him. Finally, Shenron himself appears. 

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