Friday, March 1, 2013

DB009 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

DB009 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

Goku, Bulma, and Oolong drive into a city to get gas. Everyone in this town seems to be afraid of Bulma, but after she buys some new clothes and gets rid of her bunny costume, no one even notices her. Just as they're about to leave, two men in bunny ears begin to hassle them. Goku beats both of them up, so they call in "the boss". The boss, whose name is Monster Carrot, arrives. He is a giant rabbit whose special power is his touch; if you touch him, you turn into a carrot. Not knowing this, Bulma slaps him, turning her into a carrot, which Monster Carrot grabs. Watching from behind a wall, Puar turns into a bird and snatches the carrot out of his hand. Goku then hits him with his Power Pole, forcing Monster Carrot to surrender. He changes Bulma back. Goku then ties up Monster Carrot and his henchmen and takes them to the moon by extending his Power Pole, proceeding to force them to make treats for children. 

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