Friday, March 1, 2013

DB028 - The Final Blow

DB028 - The Final Blow

Jackie Chun reveals that the actual target of his Kamehameha wave was the moon. Goku is shown to be asleep in the rubble, and he wakes up to continue fighting. When the match resumes, Jackie Chun attempts to fire another Kamehameha wave at Goku, but he finds that he doesn't have the energy to do so. Goku then kicks him out of the ring, but Jackie cleverly avoids touching the ground by smashing his foot in the side of the platform. With both of them completely exhausted, they agree on a straightforward finish to the match. After a long bout of fighting, Goku and Jackie jump and kick each other in the face, knocking each other down. The count goes past 10, and the judge says the first person to stand up and declare victory wins. Goku struggles to his feet and manages to stand, but he collapses before finishing his victory declaration. Jackie Chun then stands up and proudly announces his victory.Roshi later takes off his disguise and goes out to eat with his friends, where Goku eats so much food that Roshi has to spend all of his prize money. 

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