Saturday, March 2, 2013

DB045 - Danger in the Air

DB045 - Danger in the Air

Goku's group enters the Dreamland amusement park, with Haski and her two men stalking them. Haski plans how to steal the Dragon Balls while Goku's group is having fun. Haski baits the group into thinking she is a poor but promising fortuneteller. Goku makes it difficult for Haski but with the Dragon Balls in Yamcha's possession, Haski seizes her chance. Haski's cover is shortly blown but she swipes the Dragon Balls. Haski says she's planted a bomb to blow up Dreamland. Yamcha manages to tell Goku. On his Flying Nimbus, Goku chases Haski's hover ship. Goku pins down Haski, disarms the bomb and takes back the Dragon Balls. Bulma dumps Yamcha and she and Goku head off to search for the remaining Dragon Balls. 

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